Next of Kin.

Naples and Co. for Birkenstock.

Birkenstock “Next of Kin”

Date February 2023
Client  Birkenstock
Production — sixnine

Director Sebastian Kortmann
Creative Director – Mario Stumpf
Producer — Felix Stein
Photographer — Sascha Priesters
DOP — Luka Glisic

1 AC – Kevin Brari
2 AC — Jannik Klingel
Steady Cam — Karsten Jäger
Oberbeleuchter – Thorben Winkler
Beleuchter — Sven Stenmanns & Max Müller
PA — David Nünning
Set Design — Esra Tamcok
Set Design Assistant — Charlotte Kuke
Styling — Annoula Petrides
Hair / Makeup — Ilonka Kraus
Color Grading — Adrian Honsberg


This one’s for the family.

Family does not necessarily mean family by blood. It might as well be a community, neighbors or just friends. A family connected by beliefs and style. A place of comfort, diversity, kindness and warmth. That is what NEXT OF KIN is all about. With this campaign, we welcome the newest silhouette in the Birkenstock family – the Naples.




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